Last Days of Summer // Vintage Denim Skirt + Diorama

The last few days of summer are always bittersweet. I am going to miss my school-less days, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my good friends and having a more scheduled life. I’ve been getting the most out of my summer pieces this week, in particular this vintage Levi’s skirt. I fell in love with this outfit Bella Hadid wore a few months back, and I made it my misson to find a similar vintage skirt.

I lucked out and got this one from a thrift store in Boston for under $10! It really pains me to see girls spending $300+ on redone / resold vintage levi’s.. there are so many great options waiting in thrift stores at amazing prices! I’d suggest scouting your local thrift stores, or even checking online thrift shops on etsy and ebay before going to redone.

I paired the skirt with a basic cami, my favorite flat ankle-length waterproof walking shoes, and my diorama bag. This is a super summery outfit, but I think you could easily transiton it into fall by switching out the ankle shoes for over the knee shoes, then add a bomber jacket!

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Laced Jeans + Bomber Jackets

I had been searching everywhere for a pair of lace up jeans when I finally gave up and decided to ask for help on instagram… within an hour my entire inbox was full of messages directing me to! I was a little nervous about the sizing on these jeans because they carry xsmall-large instead of waist measurements, but my pair ended up fitting perfectly (if you’re around a 25-26 in denim, go for a small). I love them so much- I might have to get them in white too.

The rest of my outfit is super inspired by the most recent Alexander Wang collection- specifically this black bomber with orange lining and this cropped bralette. His pieces are always the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, I can’t get enough. Unfortunately my bank account wasn’t ready for A Wang prices, so my friends at Boohoo came through with the alternatives (as they always do).

I ordered this bomber jacket in a petite size because I love the look of cropped jackets paired with high rise jeans; as long as the fit of the pieces is right I think winter outfits can be equally as flattering as a sundress in the spring. Along with the bomber & bralette, I finished off the outfit with my go-to boots and bag- the YSL Sac De Jour and my PD Presley boots (I seriously wear both of these items almost everyday).

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Blue in a Happy Way

It feels like everyone has a reason- be it personal, social, or political. I’ve grown up a lot this year and stumbled over myself too many times to count, but I’ll always be grateful for any experience that makes me smarter in the end (it’s only a mistake if you make it twice, right?).

I used to think of myself as an island- someone who had everything they needed and could do everything on their own. This year I’ve realized how incredible life can be when you let the right people in and experience all of the ups and downs together.

Instead of listing all of the tragedies and disappointments I remember from this year, I wanted to share a simple message of optimism along with some photos of my friends and me. I’m a strong believer in the power of thoughts; what we think about all the time will eventually become true.

I’m usually the one looking for guidance, but if I can impart any onto you it would be to surround yourself with people who make you feel like you are easy to love.. people you can cut the act around because you know they don’t want anything from you. Go find them.


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Girly Day // Pink Suede + Ribbed Turtleneck

Blush tones are normally reserved for spring and summer, but I love them so much I had to find a way to style them for fall! This suede skirt from Zara is one of my favorite fall pieces. Even though it is a bright color, I think the suede fabric makes it appropriate for the season. I paired it with a white turtleneck, structured bag and studded shoes.

This look is much girlier than my average everyday outfit, but I thought I’d switch it up a bit. Let me know what you think!

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