Blue in a Happy Way

It feels like everyone has a reason- be it personal, social, or political. I’ve grown up a lot this year and stumbled over myself too many times to count, but I’ll always be grateful for any experience that makes me smarter in the end (it’s only a mistake if you make it twice, right?).

I used to think of myself as an island- someone who had everything they needed and could do everything on their own. This year I’ve realized how incredible life can be when you let the right people in and experience all of the ups and downs together.

Instead of listing all of the tragedies and disappointments I remember from this year, I wanted to share a simple message of optimism along with some photos of my friends and me. I’m a strong believer in the power of thoughts; what we think about all the time will eventually become true.

I’m usually the one looking for guidance, but if I can impart any onto you it would be to surround yourself with people who make you feel like you are easy to love.. people you can cut the act around because you know they don’t want anything from you. Go find them.


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