Nude Mood

Nude & warm tones have been all over the fashion world lately, from Balmain’s gorgeous beaded runway pieces to Rihanna’s showstopping silky Dior dress. I’m normally a die hard cool tones person; I gravitate towards gunmetal, silver, blues, and greys… but this trend is too good to ignore. Tones and warmth can be so powerful in setting the mood of a collection or outfit. Each individual piece can be beautiful, but pairing the right metals and colors together is essential for taking the look to the next level.

This week my Polyvore page had a nude-tones takeover. I was lacking inspiration from my normal color palette and decided to take a stab at creating something different. I ended up loving the new direction, there were a few challenges (finding completely new items, thinking of alternatives to blue jeans, keeping each set unique) but it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

here are my favorite nude sets I’ve created (more to come!)


The word nude is almost synonymous with Kanye West’s latest Yeezy collection. Despite the mixed reviews of the first Yeezy collection, it’s undeniable that it had a huge impact on fashion and the way people approach color. Kanye has a captivating way of balancing over-sized pieces with figure hugging pieces, and the materials he chooses are always very original. This photo showcases the impact that a uniform color scheme can have. Each outfit is good on it’s own, but when they’re all together the design really shines through.

Although nude tones are constantly being worn on red carpets and runways, they can be styled casually too. A great way to incorporate this trend into your everyday style is to opt for a camel / tan overcoat or a light pink mini bag. The feminine vibe of these pieces helps them easily transition into a more formal outfit too.

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