Last Days of Summer // Vintage Denim Skirt + Diorama

The last few days of summer are always bittersweet. I am going to miss my school-less days, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my good friends and having a more scheduled life. I’ve been getting the most out of my summer pieces this week, in particular this vintage Levi’s skirt. I fell in love with this outfit Bella Hadid wore a few months back, and I made it my misson to find a similar vintage skirt.

I lucked out and got this one from a thrift store in Boston for under $10! It really pains me to see girls spending $300+ on redone / resold vintage levi’s.. there are so many great options waiting in thrift stores at amazing prices! I’d suggest scouting your local thrift stores, or even checking online thrift shops on etsy and ebay before going to redone.

I paired the skirt with a basic cami, my favorite flat ankle-length waterproof walking shoes, and my diorama bag. This is a super summery outfit, but I think you could easily transiton it into fall by switching out the ankle shoes for over the knee shoes, then add a bomber jacket!

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FLC Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is bundling up and getting ready for the holidays. There are few things I enjoy more than the last day of the semester when I can finally come home and feel 100% relaxed. Of course along with the holidays comes the exchange of presents, so here is my guide to all things fashion for the people on your list, and you too. For me, the best gifts are those that stay in the everyday life of a person. Something that they’ll love and use for years.

A jacket or coat is a great gift, and these two by Topshop and Mango are perfect for everyday wear. A denim borg jacket is great to wear over a grey knit hoodie with coated black jeans, sneakers and a beanie. The white boucle coat is a little more sophisticated and can be dressed down with jeans and sneakers or compliment a LBD and over the knee boots for a night out.

Accessories are what makes your outfit unique, and a pop of color with this Rebecca Minkoff mini bag would be an unforgettable present. I have the same waterproof messenger bag in a slightly different shade from a few seasons ago and I love it, it’s the perfect size for running errands or going out to eat. I had to include this belt by Mango too, the studs add a little bit of edge and would look awesome paired with a leather jacket.

These Saint Laurent pieces are definitely more inspirational than realistic, but I had to include them. YSL has a way of creating timeless accessories that still have a youthful and exciting feel to them. This version of the Sac de Jour bag is the perfect balance of all my favorite things (leather, silver hardware, structured mini bags, and studs studs and more studs), and these chained Patti boots are flawless.

If you don’t feel like buying an entirely new bag, a fun way to revamp your current bag is to add a cool keychain to it! A little pom keychain is an instant outfit enhancer, but sadly many of the choices out there are made from rabbit fur. This one from Topshop 100% faux, so no worries!

Another way to revamp your wardrobe is by substituting your classic black denim for some coated leather look pants! This pair from BLANKNYC is aboslutely gorgeous and can be styled with almost anything.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, and have an amazing holiday!

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Fall Hair Routine // FLC x Bombay Hair

For today’s post I teamed up with Bombay Hair to share my hair routine for this upcoming fall! Now that summer is nearing an end, I’m slowly leaving my ‘beach waves’ in the past and looking forward to straight / sleek, long hair. Here is my step-by-step process of how I use the Bombay titanium iron! Enjoy xx Flo

1. pretty much a no-brainer, but make sure to use a heat protectant spray beforehand. I swear by the Moroccan oil heat styling protection spray. Brush it through with a paddle brush (like this one by Conair) and wait for it to dry.

2. The heat settings all depend on the texture of your hair, mine is a bit stubborn so I turn it up to around 300 degrees.

3. To make sure I don’t miss any sections, I put my hair in a half-up, half-down style with a scruchie.

4. Carefully, I straighten the bottom section in one-inch pieces (don’t hold down for over 10 seconds). Repeat on the top section.

5. When all the sections are done, spray with hair spray to keep the style all day.

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Summer Makeup // Bare Minerals & Nyx

A few months back I had the pleasure of working with Simon malls to try out some of the products sold at their Wrentham Outlets location. Some of those products included these Bare Minerals blushes, foundation samples, and lip glosses. If you know me, you know I’m not one to splurge on lots of makeup (or really anything outside the realm of clothes), so I rarely know what’s going on in the beauty world.

I’m happy to say that the Bare Minerals products definitely surprised me- the foundation fits my skin tone perfectly, and the blush is pretty and subtle. As for lip gloss- I’ve never been a huge fan, but Kylie is bringing it back so why not?

Along with my Bare Minerals items, I’ve been going back to my NYX BB cream and concealer for daily touch ups. The last thing I want to do during a heat wave is wear layers of makeup, so a light BB cream is a good middle ground between foundation and a bare face.


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Fall Style Board

This summer has gone by so quickly, it still feels like June to me. I’ve had so much fun over the past few months working for Silkstaq and enjoying my off-time with friends. Sadly, school will be starting back up for me soon, and my life will mostly consist of writing papers and eating microwavable foods. On the bright side, fall is my favorite season for fashion- so I thought a good way to relieve my school stress would be to put together a little fall style inspiration post! Here are a few photos from the past few months that have hinted at my outfit ideas for the upcoming months, along with some polyvore sets!

Also, I always get questions on my tumblr about the biggest trends for the season / which pieces I am most excited about, so here is compliation of my top picks! Enjoy xx (much more coming soon)

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Laced Jeans + Bomber Jackets

I had been searching everywhere for a pair of lace up jeans when I finally gave up and decided to ask for help on instagram… within an hour my entire inbox was full of messages directing me to! I was a little nervous about the sizing on these jeans because they carry xsmall-large instead of waist measurements, but my pair ended up fitting perfectly (if you’re around a 25-26 in denim, go for a small). I love them so much- I might have to get them in white too.

The rest of my outfit is super inspired by the most recent Alexander Wang collection- specifically this black bomber with orange lining and this cropped bralette. His pieces are always the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, I can’t get enough. Unfortunately my bank account wasn’t ready for A Wang prices, so my friends at Boohoo came through with the alternatives (as they always do).

I ordered this bomber jacket in a petite size because I love the look of cropped jackets paired with high rise jeans; as long as the fit of the pieces is right I think winter outfits can be equally as flattering as a sundress in the spring. Along with the bomber & bralette, I finished off the outfit with my go-to boots and bag- the YSL Sac De Jour and my PD Presley boots (I seriously wear both of these items almost everyday).

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Blue in a Happy Way

It feels like everyone has a reason- be it personal, social, or political. I’ve grown up a lot this year and stumbled over myself too many times to count, but I’ll always be grateful for any experience that makes me smarter in the end (it’s only a mistake if you make it twice, right?).

I used to think of myself as an island- someone who had everything they needed and could do everything on their own. This year I’ve realized how incredible life can be when you let the right people in and experience all of the ups and downs together.

Instead of listing all of the tragedies and disappointments I remember from this year, I wanted to share a simple message of optimism along with some photos of my friends and me. I’m a strong believer in the power of thoughts; what we think about all the time will eventually become true.

I’m usually the one looking for guidance, but if I can impart any onto you it would be to surround yourself with people who make you feel like you are easy to love.. people you can cut the act around because you know they don’t want anything from you. Go find them.


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Nude Mood

Nude & warm tones have been all over the fashion world lately, from Balmain’s gorgeous beaded runway pieces to Rihanna’s showstopping silky Dior dress. I’m normally a die hard cool tones person; I gravitate towards gunmetal, silver, blues, and greys… but this trend is too good to ignore. Tones and warmth can be so powerful in setting the mood of a collection or outfit. Each individual piece can be beautiful, but pairing the right metals and colors together is essential for taking the look to the next level.

This week my Polyvore page had a nude-tones takeover. I was lacking inspiration from my normal color palette and decided to take a stab at creating something different. I ended up loving the new direction, there were a few challenges (finding completely new items, thinking of alternatives to blue jeans, keeping each set unique) but it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

here are my favorite nude sets I’ve created (more to come!)


The word nude is almost synonymous with Kanye West’s latest Yeezy collection. Despite the mixed reviews of the first Yeezy collection, it’s undeniable that it had a huge impact on fashion and the way people approach color. Kanye has a captivating way of balancing over-sized pieces with figure hugging pieces, and the materials he chooses are always very original. This photo showcases the impact that a uniform color scheme can have. Each outfit is good on it’s own, but when they’re all together the design really shines through.

Although nude tones are constantly being worn on red carpets and runways, they can be styled casually too. A great way to incorporate this trend into your everyday style is to opt for a camel / tan overcoat or a light pink mini bag. The feminine vibe of these pieces helps them easily transition into a more formal outfit too.

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Shoe Lust: Puma’s FENTY by Rihanna Creepers

Over the years Rihanna and fashion have almost become synonymous; from her killer street style outfits to her show stopping red carpet looks, she’s always pushing fashion forward and looking stunning at the same time. Admittedly I would probably not be bold enough to wear some of her outfits, but she makes pulling them off look easy. Rihanna never stays in one place for too long.. and that’s what I love about her. She can start a trend today and then move on to the next thing tomorrow, meanwhile the rest of the world spends years catching up.

When I learned that she would be collaborating on a shoe line with Puma, I didn’t know what to expect. Her style can be extra loud and colorful sometimes, so I anticipated a line of shoes that I’d admire from a distance and not be able to incorporate into my own style. I was pleasantly surprised when Puma released the FENTY by Rihanna Creepers, a casual lace up sneaker with a cool rubber platfrom and suede upper. They come in a huge variety of colorways, the black / white and blue / black being my favorite (there’s also a white upper / black sole version that hasn’t been released yet, looking out for those too!). These are definitely understated enough to be an everyday shoe, and I love the mix of platfrom and sportswear.

Rihanna is known for being very hands-on with all her creative endeavors (not just fashion, she even directed her most recent music video!), so I am confident that these are a true collaboration. Her street style outfits + photo shoot with Travis Scott have made me fall in love with the creepers, I hope I can catch a pair next time they’re in stock! Here are some ways I’d style them, let me know what you think of the outfits and the shoes themselves! xx Flo

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Fall denim // FLC x Garage Clothing

Back to school season is so bittersweet.. I can’t wait for the fall weather to come around again, but I’m already missing the lighter summer schedule and outfits. Last fall Garage Clothing & I teamed up to welcome their new Natick mall store to the Boston area, it was so fun and I got to hang out with some fantastic people and shop their new collection. This year we’re back at it and the clothes are better than ever! I’ve been living in my Garage jeans since then so I knew they would come through this season, and I was right.

These blue ripped skinny jeans fit perfectly and are completely on trend. I chose to pair them with this slouchy v-neck sweater, a definite fall / winter staple of mine. This outfit would be a perfect way to stay comfy at school without having to resort to the sweatpants + sweatshirt ‘look’ (no judgment, you should have seen my outfit for the SATs).

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