Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blanco // Styling All White Outfits

photos via Kayture, Glamspire, Fashiontasty, Sincerely Jules, Aelida, and Just The Design
Spring / summer is the perfect season to try something new and daring. The weather is just right, and there are plenty of events happening within a short span of time. One of my favorite trends this year is a head-to-toe all white outfit. The idea is pretty intimidating, not to mention you have to be hyper-conscious of stains, but it's definitely worth a try. Above I chose 6 all white looks that I think nailed the trend in different ways.

If your style is sophisticated and classic, you can try out the trend by wearing a white button up with tapered pants, minimalist heels, and a blazer draped over your shoulders (shout out to Cara). If you dress on the casual side, you can go for some ripped up white denim, adidas sneakers, a crewneck tee and a backpack. 

Shop my favorite white pieces:

Here are some sets I've put together over the last month covering this trend! Enjoy xx

Untitled #19967

Untitled #19941
Untitled #19938
Untitled #19948
Untitled #19804

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