Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Norie Hoodie // FLC x Tobi

For my second post with Tobi, I decided to focus my outfit around this flare sleeve hoodie. I am always drawn to feminine / modern takes on basic pieces, and this cool cropped version of a classic black hoodie was irresistible. I paired it with an all black outfit to give it an extra edge; there's something about wearing head-to-toe black that makes me feel like an invincible super-villain. 

Over the years I've realized that my clothes are a reflection of my confidence, and I'm finally wearing exactly what I want without second thoughts. It's so much extra effort to worry about being 'too tall' in heels, 'too edgy' in leather pants, 'too emo' in all black- no matter what I wear, there will be someone who doesn't like it. Even if it's a cliché, it's true: the only person's acceptance you need is your own. 


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  1. You look amazing Flo! Kisses

  2. I just found your blog today, and I'm completely in love!!! Your style is what I want mine to be like someday♥ I have the same attitude as you - wear whatever you want and don't give a sht about what anyone else things :) If you want to wear all black, don't let people say you are emo! if you want to wear all pink, don't let people tell say you are a diva! I love your blog, and keep doing what you love darling♥
    xoxo Rose