Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi Primark!

Primark opened their four story Downtown Crossing store this week and I had to go check it out! I've always been a big fan of European style and bloggers from the UK, making Primark a sadly unattainable but lusted after shop for me. All week I'd seen advertisements for the store across the city and in the train stations, I couldn't wait to go... and it exceeded my expectations to say the least!

 There was a line to get in because of the giant turn out but it wasn't too long, and all of the Primark employees were so helpful and kind. It was hard to see everything because the store is huge, but I fell in love with all of their fall pieces (over the knee boots, beanies, sweaters, dresses, sneakers and floppy hats). 

In addition to clothes, Primark had a huge home section full of cozy and minimal style pillows, decor and kitchenware! I was in heaven; even though I have most of what I need for my apartment, it's so fun to look at everything. I can't wait to go back again and see everything I missed the first time.

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