Thursday, July 16, 2015

Updates + Best of July

As of July 6th I am now 20 years old! I completely missed my opportunity to mention that in my last couple posts.. this is my 3rd blog post as a 20-year-old (pretty anticlimactic). Now that I am no longer any sort of 'teen' I feel that it is my obligation to be a real responsible adult-y type. The kind of person who is on top of their job and doesn't call their parents the second something goes wrong. I'm happy to say that I think I have half of it down (sorry mom). With all the school-free days I have right now I am working very hard to get as much work done as possible! I have a few collaborations in the works at the moment, all of which I am completely thrilled with (and I think you guys will like them too).
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For today I wanted to stay true to an old FLC structure of a 'monthly favorites' post. I always love reading what other bloggers are into every month and I hope you guys like these posts too. This month I've rediscovered my love for magazines, specifically Harper's Bazaar. Every type of media is so digitized right now that I consume almost all my information from my iPhone... with bloggers and models on instagram and tumblr, anything printed has fallen by the wayside for me. It's only when I'm at the grocery store and I see the glossy covers that I fall in love with them all over again. There is something very special about the tangibility of a magazine; it's like you can feel all of the hard work that the editors put into it (not to mention the gorgeous photos). I still have yet to bite the bullet and subscribe to anything.. I want to make sure I pick the right magazine! If you guys have a strong preference definitely let me know. 

Style-wise I've been wearing two things non-stop: my Adidas superstars and my Stella McCartney backpack. There are few items that I feel can completely represent my style, but these two definitely do the job. I spend my days running around taking photos so there is little time for heels or impractical bags. My falabella backpack can hold everything that I need for the day: my camera, phone, wallet, extra clothes, sunglasses, makeup bag, water bottle and keys (with extra room too!). As for the superstars, I've always loved white sneakers, but these are by far the most comfortable pair I own! 

Naturally, I can't talk about everything I've been loving in depth.. but shop all my favorites here:

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