Wednesday, June 17, 2015


White sneakers have always been a weakness of mine; no matter how many pairs I acquire, there is always another one out there calling my name. In my defense, this pair is special because of the dark details (a trait that my other white sneakers lack). Thanks to Pharell and countless fashion-influencers, the Adidas / Adidas Superstar brand is back and better than ever. I am still not completely on board with the Stan Smith line but the Superstars are definitely my style. 

As the weather warms up I have been keeping my outfits extra simple. I got this white mini bag recently and I love how effortless and light it is. Many of my summer pieces are sporty / tomboy-influenced, and I'd like to think a small dainty bag balances out my outfits. 

This week I'm going off to the beach with my family and I'll make sure to take plenty of photos while I'm out there! I hope you guys are enjoying your week :)
xx Flo


  1. FLO i love this outfit! :D definitely one of my faves of the ones you've ever posted xxx

  2. Absolutely love the styling with a skirt! I have been lusting after these shoes for so long and was looking for other ways to pair them xx

  3. Flooooooooooooo!!!! I miss you soooo much! Where have you been? Its like your El clothes blog is vacant and so is the thetrendpear blog. You used to post outfits everyday and now theres nothing!! I missed reading you and followers so funny af comments and asks. Why aren't you doing this anymore? I miss you sooooo much and I feel like crying because when I'm lonely I always go on your blog and it makes me happy. I miss you.