Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fall 2015 // Favorites

Fall is my favorite season for fashion, and the trend forecasts for this year have got me completely ecstatic! I've narrowed down all of the new trends I've seen lately to 6.. all of them I am definitely going to try this fall. Duster coats are huge right now and I can only see them becoming more popular when autumn rolls around. They're the perfect mix between a light jacket and a trench coat, and can be dressed up with coated pants and heels or dressed down with ripped jeans and sneakers. Mini skirts (especially button up mini skirts) are so easy to style and complete any simple daytime outfit. I'm excited to wear my vintage Calvin Klein button front skirt with boots, sneakers, and maybe flats. The next trend, backpacks, is one that I never thought I'd be blogging about. Of course I have owned backpacks in the past (mostly for school) but I never thought of them as a 'fashionable' item. My outlook did a 180 when Stella McCartney released her Falabella backpacks, they're a must have.

Street style is what I love most about fashion, and over-the-knee boots are one way to amp up your street style game completely. They make any outfit 100 times more chic (and make your legs look miles long, that's always a plus). Of course Stewart Weitzman is the king of these boots, but I'm predicting that all the high street stores (Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, Mango etc) will be getting on board this season and offering many affordable over-the-knee options. Continuing with shoes, I promised myself to stray away from the sneakers-everyday habit I've created. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely be wearing my Adidas Superstars and Supergas this fall, but I'm also loving lace up flats and oxfords. They can instantly turn a blah / casual outfit into a sophisticated street style look.

Lastly, what would everyday style be without denim!? Buying jeans is one of the hardest parts of shopping... styles and inseams and sizes (oh my!). Finding the perfect pair can feel impossible but so rewarding when you do. This season I'm all about ripped up denim, frayed ankles, zipper and moto detailing and grey washes. When you're completely out of outfit ideas,  remember: you can't go wrong wearing a pair of good jeans and a t-shirt.

Here are some options for these pieces! I hope you guys like
 them, and tell me what your fall must-haves are! :)







Fall 2015 wardrobe


  1. Amazing flo!! I was wondering, did you ever take that gap year that you mentioned back in a 2013 post? :)

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