Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekly photo diary!

new Alien sweatshirt from Brandy melville, wearing hi-top converse and Zara jeans
This week has been so lovely, the spring is beautiful and I've been having so much fun exploring the city and taking photos. I've been getting up early and starting the day with lots of good food... now that school is over I can get ready at a leisurely pace and I love it. Staying on top of housework and my health tends to get away from me at moments (especially during school) but I've been keeping up and it really transforms every moment! I know I'm not a trained health professional, so I am hasty about it, but I was thinking of adding a lifestyle aspect to my blog to share my habits with you all (let me know what you think)! Having a healthy body and mind is so important and I think girls out there don't have as much support as they should. I'm not perfect but I would be happy to be a resource to anyone who is looking to being yoga / exercises / clean eating.

Today I went to the Zara store on Newbury Street, and I was very impressed with their spring collection. They seem to be embracing the bohemian / 70's free flowing theme that designers like Chloe and Isabel Marant are famous for, it was hard to pick only a few things. Zara is really the best store for affordable pieces that are still high quality and on trend. Earlier in the day I went to the Tannery (a store that sells designer pieces) and saw a pair of fringed Saint Laurent espadrille boots which I loved, then found an almost exact pair in Zara! I can't even understand how that is legal, but I'm happy! Definitely check out Zara soon, their semi-annual sale is coming next month and I can't wait!

I hope you guys had a good week and are out for summer / getting out soon! xxx Flo

wearing Zara top and skirt, J.Crew shirt + Zara jeans + F21 bag + Chanel shoes