Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.B

Hey guys! As you might know, I recently got the Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.B bag. My friend Siena has a few and styles them amazingly, she got me hooked! I have been trying to work a little bit of color into my outfits so I went with the baby blue version. It is currently 40% off at Nordstrom so if you like it, definitely get it soon! 
Before I got mine, I sort of accepted that since it's a mini bag it wouldn't be able to hold that much... but I was pleasantly surprised! It holds my phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and even a little makeup pouch I have. I love using it for weekend trips and running around the city. It is almost weightless, which is a nice change from carrying around all my totes and big satchels. 10/10 :) xx