Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Work out for me... 2015 edition // Sportswear edit

This time last year I created a post called "work out for me" (bonus points if you get the reference), dedicated to all those new years fitness resolutions. I was going to hold off on making one this year to avoid being repetitive, but sportswear is at a whole other level right now! I love how sleek and almost futuristic Nike has made their running gear + sneakers this season, and I just had to share it with you guys.

Untitled #16378
 These are some ways I'd style my Nike favorites.. of course looking cute at the gym isn't the most important part, but it definitely motivates me! xx Flo

Shop my workout picks here:


  1. I've been working out like crazy, I really need to get a cute outfit to match my strong mind.

    1. yesss girl! workout outfits make it 100% better xx

  2. these outfits are so on point though it almost seems like a shame to work out in them LOL awesome work as usual Flo :)

  3. According to exercise videos I have seen when you don't have proper schedule for fitness training, the chance for hitting the same muscle repeatedly is increased.

  4. I love the 100 Percent Single tank. That's my favorite shirt on Polyvore at the moment.
    - Sydney (http://sydneyslifeinpixels.blogspot.com)

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