Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Hair Edit // How-to + Favorite Products

Hey guys- today I realized that I have never done a proper hair post, so here it goes! I get lots of questions about if it is natural / what I use so here are all the answers! Before I start I think it is important to mention that although this works for me, it all depends on the texture of your hair! I have tried to have the same routine as some of my friends with thin/ naturally straight hair and it didn't work at all, so keep that in mind :)

1. I like to use heat protectant whenever do my hair, this one from Moroccan Oil is my favorite.
2. I put half of my hair up so I can focus on each section.
3. I curl medium-large size sections of hair (don't hold it too long!) with my con-air curling wand.
4. I then curl the top sections in small pieces.
5. I still have a little bit of bangs left so I curl those away from my face.
6. It usually looks a little bit too put together so I like to run my fingers through it a couple times to give it a more everyday look
7. Hairspray! I like to use hairspray when I'm out all day, and I love this one from John Freida.

For second day hair I looooove Batiste dry shampoo (seriously I can't live without it), and sometimes I'll put Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair if it gets dry.

Hope you guys can take some things from this, and let me know your own hair secrets! xxx Flo


  1. Yeah I have that really thin flimsy hair which is really frustrating to work with at times, but hairspray helps a great deal :) I sometimes sleep with those rubber curlers in (i don't know what they're called in english), they give really nice curls if you use them correctly, curling irons etc make my hair even less tameable, haha. Nice post!^.^

    1. i haven't tried those in ages! maybe i will soon :) thank you xxx

  2. Flo,

    First, you cannot tell that this is your first "real" hair post! You look so relaxed and playful in these photos--very natural. On the occasion that I curl my hair, I do a similar process, complete with the Conair wand as well. It's such a great wand for anyone who is in the market for a curling hot tool. Also Moroccan Oil is great because it feels so luxurious to use in addition to being beneficial for dry or damaged hair, don't you think?

    How long would you say your style holds when you follow these steps?

    x Kayla

    1. thank yooou! :) it usually stays all day and then the curls become waves the next day xx

  3. someone's a babe

    and that someone is flo