Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Faux Real // Styling and thoughts on wearing fur

Up until last winter, fur coats struck me as a unfamiliar / Cruella De Vil kind of thing. I've always loved animals so seeing someone wear a floor length mink coat upset me more than impressed me. However during NYFW I saw fur being worn in really edgy and cool ways, and I think as long as it's reintroduced to people in a faux-form I'm all for it! Faux fur this season is being used in really cool ways, taking the place of leather in jackets and boots. Here are some ways I've styled it, let me know if you like the trend, or are just against any kind of 'fur'! xx Flo
Untitled #15963
Untitled #15920
Untitled #15800

Untitled #15980

Untitled #15975

Untitled #15884

Untitled #15862

my favorite faux fur picks:


  1. Yeah I kind of felt the same way about fur too (I considered it a diva thing or something, it's hard to explain) but when people started wearing it recently if was surprised because it looked nothing like i imagined, haha. But fur vests and stuff would probably look ridiculous on me, haha ^.^ Fur lined coats though are the best. And the outfits look sharp as always, woohoo (:

    1. thank you! and yeah i agree, a little bit goes a long way for me lol xx

  2. that grey suede coat from Mango?

    have that.

    and I think I have the grey jeans in your most recent post too

    we should be twinssssss