Friday, November 7, 2014

Rips and quilting // FLC x BLACKFIVE

 photo 0ee80503-5397-44a7-ac7c-417e915f932c.jpg  photo 3f871a36-ab7c-4336-8ee8-5c6a7d80f8c8.jpg  photo bc115b40-30da-473a-b030-8b652eb5dcaf.jpg  photo 053d77e1-0a04-42a3-96c7-dedc0f65bf34.jpg

As much as I love my Proenza bag, it's not big enough for taking around everything I need sometimes. Thankfully Blackfive had my back this month and sent me over one of their black leather bucket bags! I love it and of course it goes with everything.

sweater // beanie // tee // skirt // bag // boots