Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best of November

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The month is nearing a close, so here is an overview of what I've been wearing / into this November:
  1.  Most Worn: Leather Jackets. This month has been the perfect weather for a leather jacket, hopefully I can get away with mine for a few more weeks before the parka has to come out.
  2. Most Coveted: Roshe Runs. I choose the worst time of year to want these (frost bitten ankles #NO), but they're just so cooooool.
  3. Most Inspiring Brand: Saint Laurent: They're exactly what fall and winter are about for me, lots of black and leather.
  4. Most Worn Makeup: I hardly wear that much makeup as it is (mostly because it takes me forever to get right), but this month I've gone almost bare except for some lip scrub and NARS eyebrow gel.
  5. Most Listened To: I spend a lot of my time walking or on the train so finding new music to entertain me is always on my mind. This month I discovered a group called Majid Jordan and can't stop playing them! Best song (in my opinion): Her. Link to their SoundCloud here.

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