Friday, October 24, 2014

School Style

 photo bc7f5e81-5ae2-4f76-a8ba-a76fc909c893.jpg  photo adea597c-a1f1-4034-976c-76191be16d17.jpg
 photo 0074988b-8358-4457-8bcc-e0d721be1443.jpg  photo 2e8e9f57-84d6-4703-8c35-ffb5582d0dda.jpgLong time no outfit post! *insert cop out school excuse here*... I wish I had more time to shoot these days. Anyway, here is an outfit I wore to school this week. I'm so into slip on sneakers, and this pair from Blackfive is perfect. I have no idea how I always end up wearing (almost) all black, I guess it's just what I like.


  1. Seeing an outfit post from Flo is like a gift! Always worth the wait x

  2. Flo you are my inspiration. Thanks for your great outfit ideas! xxx

  3. I love all black as well. I always catch myself wearing at least one piece that's black everyday. LOVE those shoes, Flo. xx