Friday, October 3, 2014

Casual Fridays // 2020 Ave

 photo 39058613-487f-4bca-b379-1a58b3cd97d5.jpg  photo f35bba48-9a4f-4e07-b5ea-1c0cd835b298.jpg  photo c6d38f55-6916-4569-8bbf-333996fe7029.jpg 
I know, I know I am the basic-est of all time... but I can't help it! Whenever I'm shopping I am always drawn to things that have really minimal / classic design. This hooded cardigan is from 2020 Ave (check them out!) and it's essentially a snuggie but shorter. It's the warmest thing ever and I love how slouchy it looks! I paired it up with a muscle tank from my holy grail store (aka H&M), Topshop leigh jeans and Steve Madden ankle boots.

hoodie / boots / tank / scarf / jeans / bag (similar

xxxx Flo


  1. Actually obsessed with this look! Minimal is my absolute go-to look always. xx

  2. Love the scarf you are wearing. Look 100% pashmina Scarf which is developed from the natural fiber.

  3. Superb still !!!

  4. Your blog is fab! Love your style and your pictures are beautiful!

    Nikki |