Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Classic Specs // Polyvore Styling

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for not posting an outfit today, school has started so it has become a little harder to find time to shoot. However I think I can make up for it by introducing you all to an awesome new eyewear brand: C.S (Classic Specs)! Over the last month I've been working with them to come up with looks that reflect (no pun intended hehe) their classic vintage sunnies. They come in tons of different frame styles, colors and there is an option for adding prescription lenses!

Women's Vintage Sunglasses

as always let me know what you think (and click the set to go to the original)! xxx Flo


  1. Love the sunnies !

  2. Hi Florencia,

    Thanks so much for the post & the set features! Love the looks.

    - C:S