Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cruel Summer // All Black

 photo cc81c778-67c2-4175-83ed-17db6e8d5249.jpg  photo d019151e-3fce-4b79-8165-bf3b9fd2b68e.jpg
 photo de827159-8d70-4a2b-b249-a8a84ea94dca.jpg
 photo cbd3edfa-17ee-40ec-89cf-4800b7459c7c.jpg  photo 513799d0-8b7d-4d54-81fa-c0f4b176271d.jpg

This week / last week have marked the ending of Summer for me.. soon I'll be back at school, spending my time running around trying to keep everything in balance. I'm really going to miss the simplicity of summer dressing; playsuits, boots, dresses and not having to bundle up (hopefully this winter won't be as intense as last year). Of course one thing definitely won't change: all black.

playsuit - Boohoo (25% off at the moment)
bralette - f21
aviators - Ray-ban
boots - Dolce Vita

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  1. You look amazing! So rock'n'roll and so sexy, absolutely love it <3 xxx

  2. Ahh those boots are a beauty <3 You look gorgeous, love the outfit :)

    Les unreals

  3. Love this outfit, Flo! Definitely one of my favorites of yours. xx

  4. Cuuuuuuuuuuute. I've had my eye on that playsuit for a while, now I realise I NEED it in my life :) x