Sunday, June 8, 2014


Sometimes weeks go by where I don't post proper outfit pictures, but I still want to update (like this week) so here is a little look into my life via Instagram!

I love Instagram because it is so easy to show what I'm wearing/ doing without bugging my friends to take photos of me (lol). The highlight of my week had to be a few days ago when I decided to try making "Karlies Kookies". For those who don't know, Karlie Kloss is a model who created a charity project where she sells cookies and donates the proceeds to those who need meals. Anyway, when I posted my version on instagram Karlie liked it! A random funny moment but I definitely screen-shot the evidence.

Another exciting part of this week was that Teen Vogue posted one of my blog posts on their website! I also just figured out that a few of my photos from NYFW with Polyvore were also posted by them so double thank you!

I've been keeping my outfits really simple, mostly wearing my joni jeans from topshop with tees and sneakers (supergas are my favorite)... AND I made the best purchase ever a.k.a this Zara jacket. It is everything I love in a piece of clothing: striped, oversized and has a hoodie. Sadly I'll probably have to wait for the fall to wear it because it is starting to get hot out!

Hopefully I'll be updating with a ton of outfits this summer, so get ready! wooohooo xx Flo

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