Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tips on Surviving Finals

Finals season is here! I am so eager for the school year to be over so I can have my life back, but sadly finals are really important (blah blah blah). So I have created a finals survival kit.. hopefully it helps you through this harrowing time in your life. Godspeed friends.

how to survive finals
  1. Comfortable Clothing: No one is looking at you during finals... so it's fine to throw on jeans and a tee, or even a sweatsuit? I recommend this one.
  2. Tea and or Coffee: I am more of a tea person, but whichever brings you to your happy place: drink as much as needed.
  3. Get things ready: Nothing is more stressful than forgetting your pencils or calculator on the day of an exam (plus asking people is awkward/ annoying). Remember everything!
  4. Get Rested: I know there is a lot to do but you will feel like a zombie if you don't sleep!


  1. This post is somehow motivating and cute. Perfect x

  2. i'll definitely need this ! my finals are in 3 weeks it feels like i'm dying of stress already, i'm even DREAMING about it ! haha :)
    Emma's little box

  3. oh god i don't even want to think about finals >.<