Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Picks: Topshop Shorts

In an effort to find some unique spring pieces, I came across these babies in my search! Topshop has always been one of my favorite stores to find awesome prints, and these shorts are no exception. Why wear some boring denim cutoffs when you can be just as comfy in some high waisted / semi shiny shorts!?Untitled #10920 

Here are some ways that I would style these shorts, hope you like them.
(might even have an outfit post with them later!) xx Flo 

Untitled #10039
Untitled #10816
Untitled #10369
Untitled #10159
Untitled #10323


  1. I've been in love with those shorts since the moment I spot them on the Topshop website. They're so pretty, hopefully I'll buy them. Lovely, as always, Flo.

  2. Love these shorts! Remind me a bit of the ones from American Apparel. :)

  3. omg those shorts I need them in my life ;D