Saturday, March 15, 2014

Later, Monochrome.

If anyone was a fan of monochrome this past year, it was me. Other than the fact that I loved how it looked, it was also so easy to style. No clashing colors to worry about (or any colors at all really), plus black is the most flattering shade out there. Sadly the appeal of it isn't there anymore, so I might have to get a little more creative in the morning. Lately I've been drawn to lots of bright colors and fun prints, from silver floral shorts to baby pink playsuits. Here are some ways I've been inspired to get out of my monochrome-slump! Hope you like it xx Flo

Untitled #10709
Untitled #10702
Untitled #10716
Untitled #10540
Untitled #10730
Untitled #10618


  1. Really cool outfits, Flo! :)

  2. I've always been a plain colors kind of girl, but I totally get what you're going through. I've been dying to get stuff with prints and more color. Great ideas, Flo.

  3. those sets are amazing and so inspiring. i really love your blog :) ♥ helen

  4. I swear I just fell in love with the long vibrant print skirt. Such a fan of your sets and blog, Flo! xx