Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Picks: Marc Jacobs Mini Bag

The mini bags have been taking over lately, and I am definitely on board (I might have to get a smaller wallet though). They're perfect for going out on care-free warm days when all you need are the necessities. A specific style of mini bags that are huge right now are bucket bags, and MBMJ has perfected these two trends into one lovely little hold-a-little called the Too Hot To Handle. This bag is high up on my list of Spring must haves.. the nude color matches perfectly with spring pieces and is a fun change from the giant black bags everyone totes around in the cold months.

Untitled #10293
Here are some looks I picked to go along with this great bag, let me
know which one you like the most! Thanks for reading xx Flo

Untitled #10060
Untitled #10026
Untitled #10243
Untitled #10155
Untitled #10076


  1. Too cute! I love the first outfit, even though the kitty book tried to sway me. ;)
    That ASOS backpack post was also ace, and I'm definitely excited for this feature on your blog.

  2. I DIG these. I think they're so freakin' cool.
    I want this one: http://fabiolapedrazzini.com/shoulderbags/cassia-black

  3. WOW! Gorgeous accessories I must say. I love the collection the foot-wares and the outfits displayed above are stylish and funky. That Marc Jacobs mini handbag is also beautiful. I love to be accessories and every month I purchase a new handbag. I have a huge collection of handbags in wardrobe. Recently, I got the same stuff in handbag from http://www.kilkennyshop.com/orlakiely.htm. The only difference is that the handbag which I have purchased is in brown color.

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