Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Denim Debate: A Guide To Denim-on-Denim

Denim on denim or the canadian tuxedo has been considered a giant fashion don't for a long time (I blame Justin and Britney). Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and I think if it's styled right denim-on-denim can look amazing! So with that being said, here is my guide for those daring enough to make this controversial style choice! xx Flo

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Printed Denim
A pair of printed denim shorts (like these from Isabel Marant) can make your denim-on-denim outfit have more texture, and have less of a uniform color to it!

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Layered Up
This is my favorite way to wear denim-on-denim! Layering your favorite coats and sweaters with a light wash denim shirt complements a dark wash pair of jeans perfectly. 

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Bleached Denim
This is the most subtle way to ease into denim-on-denim. A bleached denim jacket (like this one from Rag and Bone) looks great with a pair of black jeans.

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Distressed Denim
Just like prints, distressed denim can give your whole outfit some extra texture! I love this jacket from Topshop paired with this striped tee.

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Boyfriend Jeans
The relaxed fit of BF jeans give a denim-on-denim outfit a fun oversized look.

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Light on Dark
Wearing a light wash jacket and a dark wash skirt can keep your outfit from looking like one big denim suit! 


  1. I totally love it, you're my inspiration flo :)

  2. Fabulous x

  3. This is amazing, lovely & you're so good. XX

  4. Love this flo!! This is such a spot on guide xx

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  6. Although denim on denim is something I'd personally never try (unless it's blue denim with black jeans) and don't particularly like, I do think it's fab that you & others are daring enough to do so, and you've put together some great sets that make the trend work! Keep it up xx