Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's talk: Inspiration vs. Imitation

for a blog post :)

As a teenage girl who is very active in fashion-related social media (tumblr, instagram, polyvore etc), there is a lot of attention put on to what I do / my style. I'm not about to go all Kanye and complain about being famous, because I'm not at all. I am really thankful for the group of people who take the time to read my blog, and the relationship I have with fellow bloggers. With that being said, every  now and then I get messages saying "you need to get your own style" because I have so many people I look up to. 

I know that many bloggers pride themselves on not having an "idol", because they feel it makes them a true original (or something along those lines). I understand that... but I also understand that looking up to others doesn't make you a carbon copy. I know I'm running the risk of sounding like a broken record, but this is a subject that seems to be overlooked recently. 
I'm not out to set any rules for where inspiration ends and imitation begins. I know how it feels to be criticized for taking inspiration from others, so I'm not going to do the same to someone else. Fashion is a (very personal) creative outlet, so being able to identify with another person's style isn't a bad thing. Just some food for thought (did I use that saying in the right way? hopefully). xx Flo


  1. Honestly, I think you have your own style as I have mine too. I think everyone had an idol or a person that the inspire them in many ways. Taking inspiration from someone is not copying and I absolutely understand where you come from. Fashion is very personal because you use your creativity and you have your own perspective of it. I'm the type of girl who love looking at others person's style because sometimes you didn't think that this two things goes together since you saw someone wearing them together. I hope you understand what I try to say & I say it in the right way !! xx

  2. I agree with you 100%. I have so many style inspirations, and get ideas from so many different people, but that does not mean I'm not original, because I am me, I'm not them. Inspiration is allowed. :-) Love you Flobo <3

  3. I have so many items in my wardrobe that I wouldn't even own if I hadn't been inspired by bloggers or celebrities. My style was so dull a few years ago! Everyone has inspiration from somewhere, whether they admit it or not :) xx

  4. Everyone has style icons! Anyone who's crafted their own personal sense of style got their love of fashion from someone else out there. It's a never-ending cycle of inspiration and that's what makes the world of fashion today so magical. Love you, Flo! xx

  5. I totally agree with you. The fact that we have an "idol" who inspires us in fashion, doesn't mean that we copy they.
    I have some idols who inspire me in the fashion way, like Miranda Kerr, but that doesn't mean that I copy her style. Hope you understand, I speak in Spanish, so I try to do the best.
    I love you blog, and your polyvore's sets, you're talented!! ♥
    Regards from Argentina :) :)