Wednesday, December 4, 2013

College Thoughts

In about a month I am going to be off to college! It is both nerve racking and exciting. Making new friends is always quite daunting at first, but hopefully I get over that hurdle quickly. Of course I love to plan / over-think everything... so here are some ideas I've come up with for getting my college wardrobe / dorm together! If you're already in college / graduated, please let me know if there are any important things I should know before I go :) xx Flo

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I have a constant fear that I'm going to be "that" girl who brings too many clothes and who's roommate hates her.. so I decided to put together my most essential things so I don't over-pack. I choose items that I have, and that can be mixed-and-matched in a bunch of different ways without being too repetitive. Here are some of my favorites!

Untitled #8362

The Cream Jumper
I've made a few different versions of my "basics list" but a cream jumper is on every one. They go so well with jeans and a coat, and can be dressed up by wearing a printed button-up underneath.

Untitled #5035

The Crewneck
Lately I've been loving the crewnecks by Zoe Karssen, they're much more feminine than a regular hoodie and still as comfortable for an early class!

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The Circle Skirt
Circle skirts with tights are one of my favorite combinations, especially for winter days. The high waist goes perfectly with a cropped jumper and scarf combo too!

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The Denim Jacket
Denim jackets will definitely come in handy later in the year, but for now I'll probably be wearing my puffy coat everyday. Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and Tobi have the best selection of denim jackets imo.

Untitled #8155
Dorm Room Inspiration
I made this to represent how I want to put my dorm room together. For home things, I love neutral / light colors. I think it makes the whole room feel really calm and they look beautiful.