Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The "Miranda" Hat: Styling the Rag and Bone Floppy Hat!

For years one of my main style inspirations has been VS Model / Author, Miranda Kerr (one third of my holy style trinity, the other two being Eleanor Calder and Danielle Bernstein). Miranda knows exactly what looks good on her, and always looks classic and sophisticated while still keeping up with her favorite trends. One of her most worn pieces is her Rag and Bone fedora, which she has styled so many amazing ways! This hat has become a signature piece for her everyday style; whether she is running from paparazzi at the airport, or spending time with her son in central park.

Untitled #8172

Of course, inspiration is only inspiration; I think the best part of having someone to look up to is taking a piece of their style and making it your own! With that being said, here are some ways that I would style this flawless piece. xx Flo

Untitled #7168

All Black Everything
When I'm looking for wardrobe staples, I always gravitate towards the color (or lack of color?) black. There is something so effortlessly cool and raw about it. I love all black outfits because they keep the focus on detail. When you look past the color, the buckles on the boots and the structured shape of the bag catch your attention.

Untitled #8141

Bright and Fun
I know this isn't very "bright" to most people, but my style consists of mostly neutral colors.. so this pink bag is an exception! I think the hardware on it looks perfect with the details on the boots, plus the gold button on the hat! Like Miranda, I'd probably wear this outfit somewhere casual.

Untitled #7863
Texture + Leather
I can't resist cool textures like the one on this jacket and these pants! I think texture is what sets a good outfit and great outfit apart. You could wear a plain winter coat and jeans, but add the shearing body and leather pants and your outfit is 10 times more interesting!

Untitled #7171
Layered-up Denim
Denim shirts are perfect for layering with jumpers, jackets and tees! I think a dark wash button up paired with a jumper and jeans is perfect for a cold day. Together with some ankle boots and Miranda's signature hat, this casual outfit still looks put together!

Untitled #8154
I just have to include this outfit.. mainly because I am head over heels in love with this Zara coat! I am a complete coat freak (I'd choose a good coat over any shoes or bag). Along with some Chelsea boots, this hat + coat combo is my current obsession!

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  1. I like her hat & her style !!