Monday, November 4, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion University!

Ever since I got the news in August that I was accept to attend TVFU (Teen Vogue fashion University), it was all I looked forward to. Teaming up one of my favorite cities with the most iconic young women's fashion magazines is just an opportunity of a lifetime. The constant evolution of the style community coincides so well with the fast paced atmosphere in New York. 

So early on Friday morning I headed off to the city, not completely sure what to expect. Sadly, I didn't bring my SLR camera so I had to rely on instagram snaps to capture the fun moments! Although it lacks in pixels, I think I was still able to document the spirit of the event. Hope you enjoy! xx Flo


The moment I walked out into the city, I started to snap pictures. I'm obsessed with instagram, and being in New York makes it 10 times worse (mostly because I love the way yellow taxis look with a filter). As I waited for the signal to walk, I took the bottom right photo. No matter where you point your camera, there will be so many different things going on. It's fun to look back on it and zoom in on the little parts! When I got to the hotel, I had to rush and get ready for the event teen vogue was holding at Express! I wasn't very familiar with their clothes, but it's always fun to try something new! I met up with one of my good friends Natasha who also was attending TVFU and we found some great pieces. While shopping a lovely follower of mine named Raechel said hello and we even posed for the top left photo!


Saturday was the bulk of the event, and probably one of the coolest experiences I've ever had! My first (and one of my favorites) seminar was with an interior designer named Kelly Wearstler. She began designing rooms and then moved on to hotels, and now she even has her own store in the city... pretty impressive. She also spoke about her time in college, and how she had to work very hard waitressing to make a living, which really put things in perspective for me and admire her work ethic. I then had the privilege of listening to Christian Siriano talk about where he gathers inspiration from, and his teenage years which was amazing! He had such great things to say, and I was pleasantly surprised about how down to earth he is in person.

At the end of the day, all of the TVFU students gathered back in one auditorium to listen to Amy Astley and the creators of / speak. Listening to them from the perspective of a young person obsessed with social media / fashion networking was fascinating. I think it's amazing that huge publications like teen vogue can come together with online media sources, because it opens up the lane of communication between the two worlds.

After the day at TVFU had ended, Teen Vogue teamed up with Topshop (my favorite store, no big) to have an event for all the students! Of course I was stoked, and had been creating my game plan for weeks. When I got there, I immediately saw the Borg lined denim jacket and had to grab it. As I was looking through racks of clothes, my friend spotted the one and only Jourdan Dunn and all three of us took a few photos together. Jourdan was so gorgeous in person, and such a lovely person to talk to (we even bought matching jumpers, so we're pretty much best friends now).

Here are all my Topshop finds from that night.. look out for them in some style post this month!

Untitled #6939


Early sunday morning, all the TVFU graduates got to see each other one last time, and listen to one of the photographers from Vogue speak. I'm not very knowledgable about real photography (editorial magazine style) so it was a lot of information to take in, but definitely gave me a lot better understanding about what it means to have a vision for a project. Afterwards they announced the winners of the express challenge, and I was one of them! Along with a very generous gift card, tickets to see R+J on Broadway AND getting to meet Amy Astley herself.... I also am going to be a guest blogger on their website (look out for it mid november)! It really means a lot to me, so if anyone from Express or Teen Vogue is reading: Thanks again!

All in all, I admire Teen Vogue for being so welcoming and for mentoring young people interested in fashion. It is clear that the staff care so much about the future of fashion, and want to have a dialogue with their readers that goes both ways. To bring together top designers, photographers, models and editors with students who have those aspirations is a pretty special thing.