Sunday, November 10, 2013

How I'd Style Animal Prints!

As my favorite stores Autumn / Winter collections have been coming out, I've noticed that there are a lot of animal print pieces I love! If you've followed my style for some time you know that I tend to stay away from loud prints and colors, but with some careful styling and thought I put together ways that I'd feel "myself" in these prints. 

Untitled #7638
This first outfit is probably my favorite! The blouse is by Equipment, a company that I first discovered when one of my style icons, Miranda Kerr started rocking their silk button ups. I wanted to make the print the focus of the look, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple and monochromatic.

Untitled #7643
This look is something I'd go to for everyday wear in the fall time. I love the look of slouchy knits and boyfriend jeans paired with a very structured bag and printed loafers.

Untitled #7652
When I discovered this jumper + bag combination, I was hooked. I love how they compliment each other. I think it's the intricacy of the jumper contrasted with the color-blocking of the bag.

Untitled #7653
This ASOS is probably the coolest beanie I've seen to date (and will be mine soon)! This outfit also mixes in the BEST trend of A/W (imo of course), quilted textures... and ankle boots are a must, always.

Untitled #7636
Sadly due to living in the arctic tundra (aka New England) I won't be able to wear anything like this for a while, but I love these slip-ons by Zara! I think that as long as you stay true to your own style, no trend is off limits. 

Let me know if there are any other trends you'd like me to post about, or any requests in general! I'm open to suggestions :) I've also accumulated quite a lot of new clothes in the past month, so expect some full outfit posts in the near future. xx Flo