Tuesday, November 12, 2013

California Polyvore Meetup

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I just got back from a fun-filled trip to the Polyvore headquarters in Mountain View, California! It seems like I've been on the site forever, but I only started up my Florencia95 account about a year ago. When I first discovered Polyvore, my sets were pretty cringe worthy (please don't look them up haha) but now with almost 8,000 sets under my belt, I'd like to think they're getting better! 

Creating these sets is definitely more than just online shopping for me; it really helps me express my personal style.. not to mention I'm lucky enough to have thousands of people looking at them! It was so exciting to be able to talk with people who shared my love of the website, and see how their creative processes differed from my own. Unlike my "simple sets", most of the users in attendance make sets with intricate details and even some interior design! Here is one of my favorites by a girl named Shawna.. crazy talented no?! I've always wished I had an eye for things like that, but I suppose we all have our own niche.

On Thursday night the other members and I were invited to get our nails done at Lavande, which was great! I usually do my nails by myself, so getting them done was so special. Along with that, I also got to meet all the lovely polyvore staff members who were so welcoming and fun to talk to.

Here's a little collage on it, and the colors I chose!

Untitled #7719
Friday morning, all of us got to eat breakfast together at our hotel. We each went around the table saying how long we'd been on polyvore, and sharing little bits about ourselves. It was such a diverse group, and I felt so honored to be among some some of the most talented users as well Polyvore's CEO Jess! At breakfast all of us got little jewlery boxes with nameplate necklaces that said "Polyvore" in all caps, which I'm completely obsessed with. I can't wait to layer it with other silver chains!

Untitled #7720
After we left the hotel, we made our way to the Polyvore office (aka the coolest office I've ever seen, sorry Dad). Right as we walked in there were sets hanging all over the place, and we got to see all the different departments of the people who work there! There was also has a wall full of "Love Letters" sent in by fans from all over the world, which was a beautiful thing to look at. It's hard to imagine a huge company actually taking the time to read all their mail, so I was very impressed!

Untitled #7721
The tech team then introduced everyone to the new iPad app, and walked us through all of its features. They explained how Polyvore was meant to be used on a tablet, and I agree! It feels so natural to move things around, and looking through your feed is super easy. If you have an account and an iPad I highly recommend you check it out, so you can make sets where ever you go.

After the app info session / Q+A was over, we all got to have make-unders from the Bare Minerals team which was amazing! The girl who did my make-up was named Alba (here is her instagram) and she was really helpful. I have been trying to get better about wearing make-up the proper way, so who better to learn from than a professional! 

Along with the make-unders, I got spoiled with some of BM's holiday collection makeup and a bunch of other goodies from Polyvore (including a blanket that I shamelessly wore around the airport). Overall it was an unforgettable experience for me, and really made me feel like I am valued by the people at polyvore. As an 18 year old I obviously have a lot to learn, so I feel so lucky that everyone was so eager to help me and give me advice on everything from school to my sets. 

Untitled #7663

I will leave you with the some of my favorite sets by my fellow members because sharing is caring! Check out their accounts, you won't be disappointed! xx Flo

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