Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn school daze

From getting up at 6:30 to SATs, I never really had the time or energy to dress how I wanted to in high school. I always promised myself that one of these days I'm going to start wearing clothes like the ones I posted on my blog, but then I would wake up in a freezing house and just throw on a giant jumper and jeans. Oops.

It might be because I haven't been in school for a while, but part of me has always liked making school-themed outfit sets. This is probably because when I picture school in my head, I'm on the set of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars... not a place where real classes happen. Either way, here are some outfits that I might attempt in my upcoming college days! Then again, I might just save them on my phone to look at while I wear my cozy uniform (huge coat, jumper, jeggings and boots). It's the thought that counts... Right? xx Flo

Untitled #7970

How flawless is this coat by Menchi for Intermix?! I'm so in love with the way it drapes over shoulders and front. This outfit is pretty realistic for my school-style, nothing is too crazy for a weekday (imo). Also studded loafers by Zara are a must (so much better than heels).

Untitled #8129

Here is one of my all time favorite pairings! I think ankle boots are the perfect way to sneak in some extra height without looking like you tried too hard (peep toe stilettos at school are a no go). Throw on a trusty knit beanie and your favorite jacket and you're ready for class!

Untitled #8122

If only I could knock one of the zeros off the price of this Isabel Marant jacket... hopefully she keeps the collab with H&M going! Haha.. either way, I love the mix of light denim and navy for a casual day. It's easy to throw out sneakers when you're trying to look presentable, but if styled right they can work in your favor! Also, who said mittens were reserved for kids?! I never liked texting anyway.

Untitled #8048

I've become utterly obsessed with the Céline-esque slip-ons... I hope I can get my hands on a pair before I'm off to school! Pairing them up with a textured coat and a white tee would look awesome, and school appropriate (plus you're still comfy).
Untitled #7993

Coats on coats on coats. I think I've come to a conclusion that as long as you have a nice structured coat, the rest of your outfit can pretty much be anything (onesies anyone?). Every A/W Zara has amazing blazer style coats (like this one), which sharpen up any winter outfit. Keep things collegiate.

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