Saturday, October 26, 2013

Best Outerwear of the Season!

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While I've been in NYC, I've had the opportunity to visit some of the best shopping destinations in the world, so I thought I'd share some of my finds in the outerwear department! Here is my roundup of the coats and / or jackets you should be looking for this season.

This year I've seen a lot of collections step out of the black / grey box, and release coats in oxblood, khaki and even prints (like this one from Paisie). Paired with some wetlook pants, a cream knit, boots and a beanie your winter look is ready to go. Another huge pattern I'm seeing in coats and jackets is fur accents. From collars and cuffs to a fur body with leather sleeves (like this jacket from AE), I'm loving the cozy feeling. 

If you're looking to keep it more classic, I'd go for a timeless trench coat (like this one from Burberry at Net-a-porter). When the colder months come, these coats look amazing with a hooded scarf, or a (faux) fur vest peaking out from underneath.

Here are some sets I made showing how I'd wear some of these pieces! xx Flo

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Untitled #6379

Untitled #5956

Untitled #4935

Untitled #6568

Untitled #7108

Untitled #7086

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  1. I LOVE this sets!! They look amazing! It's gives me some inspiration on what I want to wear and buy!!! xx

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  3. That second look epitomizes all I want to be in life.

    It is hashtagamazing.

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