Thursday, July 25, 2013

NYC loving!

As some of you may know, I spent the last week in New York City! NYC is probably one of my favorite cities, if not favorite apart from Boston. I read a quote once that said "New York isn't a city, it's a world" which definitely proved to be true. It's almost like every country in the world compacted into 22 miles. Everything there moves so fast, and all of the people are so different it's a great experience. I'd love to live there one day, if I am able to get used to it. Here are some snaps I took during my adventures!

Here is a waffle cart in Central Park! I didn't get any
 but I'm sure they would have been tasty!

Here is a lovely view of the skyline I took, I love
how Central Park is kind of a grassy oasis amongst
all of the chaos in the streets!

Here is one of the turtle friends I made! I almost picked it
up but someone warned me that some
of the turtles are snapping! Could've lost a finger.

Something about this house + door combination really
interested me! When I have my own house
I really want a distinctive door color.

Classic taxi shot! NYC is known for the
yellow cabs but I actually hadn't seen these
truck-y versions before!

 Subway stop! The metro in NYC is a bit overpriced, or
maybe the Boston T is just cheap. 
Either way I was surprised at $5 for a round trip.

I know to the real New Yorkers, fire escapes aren't
some sort of architectural miracle
but to me they are really beautiful!

Just imagine living in one of these amazing houses!
Such a lovely place.

And then the best part of my whole trip.
Meeting the most inspratinoal people in the 
whole world. Danielle Bernstein and Eleanor Calder.