Sunday, June 16, 2013

Printed Denim

Lately I have been noticing the trend of printed denim everywhere. Last year it began with printed denim jeans with florals and dots, but this year it has spread to shirts and even shoes! I am loving how it looks as effortless as wearing your favorite pair of jeans, but 10 times more fun.

As usual, I am so fond of Topshop's designs, and their printed denim looks are no different. I put this set together which includes a few of them, along with some of a couple pairs of Keds which would be an a great way to subtly work this trend int your wardrobe. I think a pair of these shorts would look fantastic with a loose white tank top and sandals for the beach, or pair these printed jeans with a sheer button up and flats for a day out.

Here are some of my favorite people wearing the printed denim trend! Most noteably, Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore a pair of floral + denim cutoffs with a blouse and booties. This look was so perfect for the festival she was at and definitely made her stand out amongst the other celebrities there.

I will definitely be wearing my American Apparel high waisted floral shorts this summer, so look out for an outfit post! xx Flo