Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Nail Favorites!

To go along with my recent "summer themed" posts, I have decided to do a post dedicated to my favorite summer nail colors! Every year when summer rolls around, Essie has the most lovely pastels and brights that go perfect with the sunny weather. 

Essie has always been one of my favorite nail polish brands ever since I discovered them in the 8th grade. Their polishes hardly ever chip and not many coats are needed for each time I use them, not to mention the packaging is to die for!

 This first pink is called "Mod Square". In my opnion, every girl needs (at least) one pink nail polish in her collection, and this one is the perfect brightness for a summer afternoon.

 This next polish is a glitter top coat called "Set in Stones". I love how the chunks of glitter are very big so you can either leave a few for a subtle look or layer them for a more dramatic nighttime look.

 This particular polish is my current obsession. It's called "Allure" and is the perfect summer color. The light ivory color looks amazing against a tan and brings out the colors in whatever outfit you're wearing.

 Lastly one of my all time favorites; "Turquoise & Caicos". I have repurchased this polish 3 times! It is probably owned by every beauty blogger but rightfully so! I love how it looks with a white dress and sandals or a black playsuit and wedges.

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