Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suit Up!

I am loving these jumpsuits for S/S. From a nude pink color to wild elephant print, these jumpsuits are coming full force. Everyone wants to stand out with their summer wardrobe, and these are a guaranteed eye magnet. Although at first glance they seem unwearable, they can be styled with minimal and understated pieces to keep all of the focus on the jumpsuit. For a simple, day out with friends i'd pair one of these printed all-in-ones with a pair of woven sandals, aviators and a belt (belts are key, because without them you will lose any definition in your waist)! If you're looking for a night look, I'd pair a solid colored one with a sheer collared top and a pair of leather brogues. Another great way to show these off is with a bold blazer or moto jacket. They can add a sophisticated or rocker edge effortlessly. Replace your LBD with these and you'll automatically get best dressed.

Here are some amazing examples of a jumpsuit done right. From Kristen Stewart's slicked back hair to Vanessa Hudgens' minimal accessories, these ladies let their amazing jumpsuits speak for themselves.

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