Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Room!

I love to keep out my most recent shoe purchases so I can see them when I get
dressed! It's a great way to visualize outfits when you're getting ready.
I love having visual inspiration, so having this board right across from my bed
 is perfect to start off the day on a positive note!
I'm not sure exactly why, but something about little lights is so calming to me.
I love this jewelery hanger I was recently given!
I keep a lot of things on my dresser; one of my favorite fossil watches and
my perfume of the moment "Wonderstruck" by Taylor Swift!
Here is where I spend most of my time blogging, pillow pet and headphones included.
Here is where I keep some of the books I've been reading lately / my favorites!
I have always loved reading ever since I was little so it's nice to have an
 area where I can indulge in reading.
Here's where I keep all my makeup! At the moment I'm obsessed with pixi
concealer and revlon just bitten kissables.

Close up of my nail polishes! I'm a bit obsessed.
Here's where I keep my outfit for the following day and my favorite topshop hats!


  1. Oh wow your room looks so cute! I wish I got those black and white Katz while I could, ugggghhh! Adorable post love :) Xx
    olivia erica ryan ♡ fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ♡

  2. Lovely post Flo! Your bedroom is super cute!
    Also, loved the disposition of your shoes hahaa
    Lots of Love xx
    Gabi Ricci

  3. I love your room, it looks so cute! And i am so jealous that you have 2 kind of the Katz!! :) xx

  4. Your room looks really cute and cozy! x

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