Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Main Beauty Crush!

Selena Gomez, obviously. For years Selena has been one of the most iconic beauties for this generation, but lately I have been especially obsessed with her look. Selena and I have a similar heritage and our features and skin color are very similar. Whenever I am looking for inspiration makeup or hair wise I will always look to her. She has always been someone who looks amazing, rocking her short bob or crazy long waves. I love how recently she has evolved into the ultimate brunette bombshell, with her long beautiful hair. In the Come and Get it music video (x), she looks more amazing than ever. As far as the makeup category goes, Selena impresses there too. It doesn't matter if she's wearing a simple, everyday nude lip and mascara or if she is going for a dark red ip with bold eyeliner. She always looks young and fresh with a sexy edge, and knows what products accentuate her natural beauty. As someone with a medium skin tone, Selena plays that up with a bit of bronzer and full brows with neutral shadows for her classic look.

Some of my favorite looks of Selena's! (Come and Get it video look
is the bottom middle)

Here is a little set I put together that has the main elements in Selena's signature makeup look!

all links are here!


  1. Selena is just gorgeous! It is crazy how much she has evolved since early Wizards. She has a wonderful beauty look. My personal beauty icon is Emma Roberts, I just love that natural look.