Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IKEA love.

This past week I have been in Colorado for my sisters graduation festivities, and as we were leaving I noticed something on the side of the highway...

IKEA! I have heard so much about this store from bloggers and friends but I have actually never stepped foot inside one. Everyone I know raves about it and how fun it is inside (not to mention the 500 days of summer scene inside). Sadly, I didn't have time to stop in because of all the things happening, but I will hopefully be going to my local store sometime this month! I have always looked through the catalogs and they're so impressive, I love the way that they really bring all of their items to life with their interior design.

I put this set together with some of the things I hope to get! My #1 item is this floral bedspread, I am utterly obsessed.

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  1. I adore IKEA! I bought the coolest lamp there. and OMG that floral bedspread is the cutest thing ever. I must have it! haha